I’m Ted, 34 year old born in Colorado and moved to Las Vegas, NV when I was 6 years old. I purchased my first house when I was 20 and lost my first house when I was 22, to a bankruptcy in the 2008 financial crisis. I was laid off from my construction job in Las Vegas and moved to Evans, Colorado where I was on unemployment for 6 months.

Started a new career path in the Oilfields in 2009. As much as I complained about the hard work and the cold in North Dakota, I really enjoyed this career. I would fly to North Dakota for 2 weeks to work then I would fly back home to Las Vegas, NV for 2 weeks off.

July 4th 2014, I welcomed my sweet baby girl Payton into this world. She is smart, and super super energetic. She puts my energy level to a challenge every day. I love this little girl and would do anything for her. During the same year I went through a lot of challenging events. Got divorced and started the beginning of a very long 2 year child custody battle.

This was the hardest challenge in my life. I won’t go to in depth on this topic, but I will write a little. Because of my work schedule being 2 weeks in North Dakota and 2 weeks back home in Las Vegas, NV. Judge William Potter made a decision that I had to give up my career in the oilfield and find employment full time in Las Vegas. I found a new career in Las Vegas and this was still not enough to please the courts. Judge William Potter never found me to be an unfit dad and still went against the law and gave primary custody to my Co-parent. For the next two years I had to empty my retirement account and sell everything I owned for lawyer fee’s and take this all the way to Nevada Supreme Court. To get your case appealed and accepted to supreme court is extremely mentally and physically challenging, not to mention the amount of money it takes. When my case was heard at the supreme court, the hearing lasted less then 30 minutes and the judges said there is no reason this father shouldn’t have joint custody. They sent my case back to the family court for the judge to change the order to joint custody. This was the start of my new life.

During my custody battle I met a gorgeous woman who has helped me deal with this challenging time in my life. We have been dating now almost 4 years. Her name is Jess and she is the most amazing woman in the world.   

Payton, Jess and I have adapted to our new lives together and are very happy. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. 

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